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Nancy Hays

a seasoned moderator for your next Virtual Event. 

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About Nancy

Nancy Hays is a business owner and entrepreneur as well as an actress, entertainer, and dancer. For over 25 years she has served as a liaison between celebrity talent and corporate executives,  moderating meetings and leading panels of experts, while keeping the conversation upbeat and engaging. Along with her experience as a professional actress and entertainer, Nancy has become a leading virtual moderator. 


Whether facilitating a fireside chat, an audience q&a, or hosting a video call between multiple parties, Nancy will help you create a comfortable and productive environment to keep your meeting attendees entertained and on point.


As an added bonus, Nancy can teach your participants fun easy dance moves during their virtual breaks! To learn more about Nancy's dance series, visit And if you're looking for someone to sing, Nancy has also performed the National Anthem and Canadian Anthem live for corporate events, sporting events and even US Presidents.


Nancy has a B.S. in Communications from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (summa cum laude) and a M.S. in Advertising from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. Nancy's products and services have received critical acclaim in major publications including the LA Times, the Washington Post, Variety, and others and she has made personal appearances on major network news and talk shows. In addition, Nancy has penned articles and has been featured as a guest speaker at TSE, The Motivation Show, IACEP and AEP. Her upcoming blog will be published by Meeting Planners International.



Zoom Tips & Tricks - Framing

Zoom Tips & Tricks - Lighting

Zoom Tips & Tricks - Audio

Electric Slide - Exercise Instruction

Achy Breaky Heart - Exercise Instruction

Nancy appears on WCIU with her daughters to teach holiday line dancing

Nancy speaks to NBC on the night the Cubs won the World Series

Nancy teaches Mario Lopez how to Salsa with style

Links to Examples of Nancy's Music Performances



ABA Annual Meeting 2019Legal Services Corporation Concert
00:00 / 01:04

Nancy speaks with CNN Legal Analyst Joey Jackson 

(Nancy enters at approximately 11 minutes in)

Nancy speaks to WGN's Dean Richards

Episode 08: Nancy Hays on Unearthing Old Skills & Talents to Apply to the New NormalYour Inspired Life with Ana CabánName
00:00 / 37:59

Nancy speaks with Ana Caban on Your Inspired Life 


Getting a national convention started with enthusiasm, pride and patriotism is invaluable in setting the tone for the entire proceeding. Thanks to your tremendous talent, the 87th National Convention of the American Legion in Honolulu, Hawaii did just that.

Yout moving rendition of our national anthem stirred the emotions of our delegates and unified our commitment as Legionnaires and Americans to continue our legacy of service to our nation.

On behalf of every Legionnaire present, I thank you for sharing your talent with us. May God bless you as we continue to serve and support them.

Thomas P. Cadmus

National Commander of the American Legion






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